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The First Modern Surge-Protected Smart-Chip USBC, 15AMP Resettable Fuse, Tamper-Resistant Power Strip for all of your devices

You can't prevent a surge, but you can protect yourself against one.

We designed and manufactured this product to replace ugly surge-protective power strips. Our intention was to create a striking monumental dedication to electricity in a daring form factor. A power strip you can display proudly instead of hiding timidly, with all of the features you need to power everything in a room. You can even turn it all off with the flick of a switch.


The Extō Surge 900 Smart Chip USB is a multi-functional surge-protected power supply designed for your home. The Extō Surge can handle up to 8 devices. Includes 6 tamper resistant 120V outlets for standard power plugs and 2 Smart Chip USBA/C ports for portable electronics. The outlets are controlled by a 15AMP chrome industrial on/off switch with dual green LED indicator lights (grounded, surge-active) on the first power bank displaying on/off grounded and surge-enabled status. The unit is backed up with a recessed, resettable 15AMP fuse for overcurrent protection - preventing current in excess of 15AMPs. 

Surge Protection

An electrical surge is caused by irregular increases in voltage. The most common electrical surge is a lightning strike, though surges can be caused by many other factors. You can read about surges in detail here. Surge energy is measured in Joules. Good surge protection is measured by how much energy can be absorbed before failure. A minimum joule rating is 200-400. A good surge protection rating is around 600 joules. The Extō Surge 900 Smart Chip USB is rated to 900 joules for high-energy absorption and protection from electrical surge.

  • Performance Data
  • MCOV: 150V rms
  • Joules Rating: 900
  • Nominal Discharge Current Rating: 3kA
  • Maximum Surge Current, Per Mode (Per Phase): 27kA (L-N:18kA, L-G:9kA)
  • Noise Rejection: -30dB at 500kHz-30MHz
  • VPR: L-N: 600V, L-G: 700V, N-G: 600V
  • Short Circuit Current Rating: 5kA
  • Diagnostics: Indicator Light

Smart Chip USB (2.4AMP) 4.0 USBC (3AMP)

The dual USBA/C ports include Smart Chip USB technology and a patented All DeviceTM layout for better plug management. The Smart Chip USB senses the connected device and sends it the fastest charge possible, reducing charging time with maximum current up to 4.0amps (2.4amps per-port). Smart Chip USB ports are USB 3.1 compatible and beyond.

Tamper Resistant Outlets

The 2014 National Electrical Code (NEC) requires tamper resistant receptacles to be installed in all new construction or replacement wall outlets. All of the outlets used in our extension cords include patented internally tamper-resistant outlets to prevent the insertion of unwanted objects, protecting against electrical shock. The internal gates will only release when both prongs of a plug depress the gate simultaneously. Though not required in extension cords, we have included TR receptacles in all of our multi-outlet products since our beginning. This makes homes safer for everyone, especially children, and is a feature not found in other extension cords.


Built of cast aluminum and stainless steel, the nearly 3lb heavy casing is designed to stay where you place it, is grounded, and the materials are fireproof. The cover is secured with flat stainless socket-head machine bolts. The housing can be screwed to a wall or other surface using the self-tapping screw holes on the underside.

Four non-marking urethane feet keep it from sliding and protect the surface wherever it sits. The 14 gauge, 3-conductor industrial cord is braided with cotton thread and permanently affixed to the housing with an approved strain relief device withstanding a minimum 35lb pull. Recessed 15AMP chrome industrial toggle for full on-off control while preventing accidental on/off. Recessed 15AMP resettable fuse for overcurrent and short circuit protection.

Ornamental silicone hole covers break the visual plane of the surface and protect the front in tight spaces.

The cord is 6 feet of industrial-quality 14 gauge extra-flexible wire rated to 15 AMPs. The plug is oversized, rubber-overmolded, three-prong grounded for easy grip. The cord has been FT-2 flame tested with good results.

Packaging is corrugate cardboard for low environmental impact

Every unit has a unique id plate with serial number and manufacturing location.


Length: 6.375"

Width: 4.5625"

Height: 2.875"

Weight: 3.0 LB

Every Extō Surge 900 is assembled sweatshop-free in the United States of components from nearly 25 sources.

Every Extō is made in the USA with some imported components and is intended for use indoors with small appliances. If you're not sure which cord rating you need, please consult a professional. 

Patents Granted and Pending